Looking for Wooly Booger Tires

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It is hard to discover wooly booger tires for TV vehicle in new category because it is not produced again

One type of ATV tires for mud and sand that has begun not popular is wooly booger tires. This tire is designed for ATV car or off-road car. I’m sure that your father would have been very familiar with this tire. It is because in some years ago, this tire is very popular and used for all types of terrain tires. But today, it is very difficult to find wooly booger. This is because there are not many factories producing it. Therefore, young people today were also not too familiar about this ATV tires.

Actually, if we look it accurately, wooly booger ATV tires have design that is same to other ATV tires, such as BF Goodrich. There is little difference only in the tire sketch. Wooly booger has sturdy and strong design. It can be seen from the shape of the tires that is so strong and powerful. This tire is designed as strong as possible to avoid slip condition when it is used for off-road. No wonder if the tire is suitable for being uses in areas such as mud, snow and sands. Moreover, almost all circumstances of the soil surface, the tire is capable of crashing it without slip and hitch.

Therefore, this is highly selected wooly booger ATV tires for trail riding at the time.

Most of the players off-road today do not use wooly booger ATV tires. Moreover, many of them have ever heard only but never seen it. Indeed, this tire is very hard to find. However, there are information said that Carlisle and Walmart still produce it now. Moreover, wooly booger has the latest models, 25 x 12-10 mud and HF243 sand. With tire sketch that is look in more detail; it is presenting the latest comfort wooly tire for trail riding. In addition, this latest model from wooly guarantees not-slip condition, while it is in the snow, mud or sand. If you want to have these tires, you can visit JMATV.com to get more information about the latest tire of this wooly booger.

Unfortunately, most of the wooly booger tires sold in the tire shop are used tire category. This is because the wooly booger is not produced as many as last year. However, you still can get a wooly booger tire with good quality and still strong to do trail riding. If you really want to get a wooly booger, please visit JMATV shop to find the best tire for your ATV vehicle.

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