Review on Michelin Krylion Carbon Road Tire

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Michelin Krylion Carbon Road Tire

Michelin Krylion carbon road tire is a tire you have to own for your bicycle. Michelin is definitely one of the best manufacturers for tires in the world. Michelin has the highest standard for their products of tire. Michelin is also innovative in developing their products and technology, one of the best results is this Michelin Krylion which is a carbon road tire. The bicycle tire is unique in design and stronger in performance. You need a strong tire for your bicycle to avoid you from unwanted flat tire or any unwanted events. In this article, we will give the Michelin Krylion carbon road tire review. Below is the review.

Michelin Krylion Carbon Road Tire at a Glance

The Michelin Krylion Carbon road tire is a wonderful tire for your bicycle. This tire is extremely durable and strong and it can provide you with the greatest and ride quality. The main key to the durability of this Michelin Krylion is the center tread which is thicker compared to any bicycle tire. The Michelin Krylion is reinforced with carbon. The result is that it can give you over 30% longer tread life. That is why this tire is perfect for touring bicycle that will go thousands of miles without worrying about the tire getting broken.  Michelin Krylion is also ideal for long-distance training and also for bicycle race. This tire is completed with superb grip in both wet condition and dry condition. It is also highly resistant to any cuts and any punctures which can cause a flat tire. You will feel that this tire is sublime because it has 127 TPI casing. The casing can create an extra comfortable and supple ride.

Michelin Krylion Carbon Road Tire Consumer Review

The first Michelin Krylion carbon road tire review is taken from Roger August’s testimony. “I love riding bicycle and sometimes I join a bicycle race. In such race, you will need a strong tire that is not easily slipped and can cause your safety. Michelin Krylion is the best tire I have ever installed on my bike. It is perfect for any weather conditions. It also has superb performance. I definitely love it.” The second Michelin Krylion carbon road tire review is taken from Nathan Cooper’s testimony. “As a person who use bicycle to work everyday, I recommend the Michelin Krylion for the tire. The tire is just perfect and stronger than any average tire. It is worth the money.

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