Pep Boy Tires Review and Information

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Pep Boy Tires Review

Pep Boy tires shop is literally the most famous tire shop all across the United States of America. This tire shop is often sought by a lot of car owners when they need to come to the stores to get the maintenance for their car tire or to replace their car tire with a new car tire. There are many reasons why car tire needs to be well maintained, most of all it is because if the tire is not properly installed or not in a good condition, it can endanger your life when you use the car. To repair or to get new car tire, you need to find a good tire shop just like Pep Boys tire shop when you can get the service that you get will not disappoint you.

Below is the Pep Boy Tires review that you can read to enrich your reference about good tire shop.

1.     Pep Boys Tire At a Glance

Pep Boys is definitely the most famous tire shop all across the United States of America. Today, the store has become the number one choice for any automotive products you can find and also the place to get the best services. In Pep Boys, the customer will get the full automotive service including tire repair, tire alignment, oil change, filter replacement, and so on. They can also find both new and used tires from any brands such as Michelin®, Continental, Cooper, Uniroyal, Yokohama, Cooper, and so on. Pep Boys was established in 1921 by three best buddies Maurice (Moe) Strauss, W. Graham (Jack) Jackson, and Emanuel (Manny) Rosenfeld in Philadelphia. With over 90 years of experience, Pep Boys has become the largest multi-billion dollar automotive business chain. Pep Boys has over 800 stores all across the United States of America scattered from Alabama to Washington.

2.     Pep Boys Tire Customer Review

This first Pep Boy Tires review is taken from Ryan Clint’s testimony from Aurora, Colorado. He is a customer in Pep Boys Aurora. “For me, the only tire shop I will always trust is Pep Boys. The service is amazing and I often buy car tires here. The price is cheap but the service is top class. The mechanics are all professionals and they do good jobs every time. Pep Boys is simply the best.”  This second Pep Boy Tires review is taken from Tom Jonson’s testimony from Portage, Michigan. He is a customer in Pep Boys Portage. “Pep Boys is more than a tire shop. It’s the place where you can get only the best for your vehicle. I trust my ride only in Pep Boys”.

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