Funny Jeep Wrangler Spare Tire Covers Online

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Funny Jeep Wrangler Spare Tire Covers Ideas

Funny Jeep wrangler spare tire covers are what you need if you love to travel with your Wrangler Jeep. You just have to bring a spare tire on the back of your vehicle because if something bad happens to your car tire while you are in the middle of nowhere, you will never be panic because you have already prepared the spare tire. To protect the spare time on the back of your vehicle, you can put on spare tire covers. They are usually made of strong waterproof fabric that will protect your spare tire in whatever weather condition. The good thing about spare tire covers is that they have numerous designs starts from simple designs to funny designs. Spare tire covers can also be designed and modified as we like to be our very own custom spare tire covers. We can put any picture there or any words there.

However, if you love to buy the store-bought ones, below is one of the exaples of funny Jeep Wrangler spare tire covers you can buy online.


There are a lot of funny Jeep Wrangler spare tire covers you can buy online. To choose one, you have to rely on your personal taste. So, because the spare tire covers will stick to your car, let it be one of the ways you show the people driving behind your car who you are. If you love superhero, you can choose this 30″ Batman Classic Logo Spare Tire Cover for Jeep Wrangler. This spare tire cover has black color as the background color and then bright yellow color as the color of the Batman signature logo on the middle of the tire cover. The tire cover is manufactured by SpareCover and it will fit perfectly to Jeep Wrangler type TJ and type YJ. The material is 100% automotive-grade vinyl completed with a matte black denim finish. The Batman logo is printed with UV-resistant ink. So, it will not fade even though the sunlight hits it constantly. The model of this spare tire cover is slip-on style which is very easy to install. Every 30″ Batman Classic Logo Spare Tire Cover for Jeep Wrangler is completed with 3 years warranty for the customers’ satisfaction.

Where to Buy it?

One of the places where you can buy funny Jeep Wrangler spare tire covers including this Batman tire spare cover is in Ebay. Ebay is one of the best places to shop online. All you have to do is looking at them on the website and buy them online. You can pay the item with your credit card and then you just have to wait for the item to be shipped to your place and delivered to your house. The average price for this Batman spare tire covers in Ebay is $44.95.

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5 Photos of the Funny Jeep Wrangler Spare Tire Covers Online