Falken tire rebate for your greatest driving

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Falken tire rebate can give the best for your driving experience.

This falken create strong and trusted tire for the users. Many of consumers were satisfied with this brand, for its great design and special characteristic for the users. Often we are puzzled at the choice, what fits tires with our car. Pairing a tire that does not comply will incur a loss for that use. Besides the construction is not appropriate, it can also damage parts of the car. Lifespan of this falken tire rebate could beshorter and often can eliminate comfort. Generally we find there are two types of tires on the market, namely the radial tires and not radial (bias). At first glance the two types of tires are almost the same, but in fact the two are very different tire construction. The difference in tire construction is very closely related to the type of car tires can be used. Here are some provided tires from this trusted company.

The first falken tire rebate promotion is the Figures 6:00 is a number that indicates the width of the tire cross section in units of inches (ca. 153 mm). 14 is the diameter of the ring (wheel) also in units of inches. 4PR or 4 Ply Rating indicates coated layer of ply cord, not just 4 layers, but PR is used to indicate a tire with a maximum permissible load. Ban this size can accept a maximum load of 615 kg per tire, the wind pressure of 47 psi.

Falken tire rebate promotion

The next type of falken tire rebate status with the letter R indicates that this tire is a radial type typically used in passenger car sedan. Letter S with a diameter of 13 inches wheel indicates that this tire maximum speed is 175 km / h, while the letter H up to 210 km / h and V for speeds above 210 km / h. Wind pressure between 28 to 30 psi and maximum acceptable load of 400 kg / per day. Figures 70 and 60 is the aspect ratio of the tire (tire cross-section height versus width), while the 185 is a cross-sectional width of the tire in millimeters.

This tire is suitable for the vehicle because of its radial minibuses that provide comfort, but do not ignore the stability according to demand the car manufacturer. Due to the load carrying capacity of the entire car can reach 2,100 kg. Besides the factory demand that the tire pressure of 28 psi front and 49 psi rear can be met (2kg / cm2 and 3.5 kg / cm2). Posts 6PR shows wind pressure up to 50 psi and the permissible load can be received by each tire 525 kg while LT stands for Light Truck.

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